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Monday, October 20
Punch Drunk Love

  The title is in reference to the movie  which I just got finished watching;  It was a rather strange Adam Sandler movie.  Mostly in the fact that Adam Sandler actually plays a more serious role.  Well maybe serious is the wrong word to use in this case.  Don't worry I won't ruin the movie for those of you who haven't seen it, but Adam Sandler basically plays a slightly nuerotic introvert.  A complex which probably arose from the fact that he has seven sisters.  The movie, though a bit odd, was worth watching.
   Somebody has informed me of a coffee shop about half an hour away which is open late (till 3 AM).  This is good news for me, a coffee shop hopping insomniac, due to the fact that Longview completely shuts down around 10 PM.  It's rather ironic, because stores stay open later in Utah then in Longview which seems backwards to me.  This past summer I spent a lot of time in a local chain called Grounds For Coffee, mostly with friends but sometimes alone.  There I would wonder about life over a Mocha Chiller.  Sometimes I feel like I learn more from these late nights than I learn in school.  Life is ironic in that way.  It seems like however you slice it, our purpose in life is to find our purpose in life.  It is conveniently circular.  I know that I don't know everything about philosophy or life, heck I'm only 19.  I'm just trying to make sense of the world like everyone else.  This doesn't mean that we should attempt this by ourselves, for part of life is the fact that there are more than one of us.  Therefore our attempts to make sense of our world are not limited to ourselves.
   In my opinion (emphasis on opinion) it all boils down to who you trust.  Whether it be a man, a group, a feeling, a job, a science, a magazine or a book we all end up trusting something.  This is just another part of life.  My only recommendation is to know all that you can about what it is you trust in.  Beliefs can be doubted, this doesn't mean they aren't true.  Doubt only shows that we are not placing our faith in something blindly.
   I apologize for the string of philosophical posts, this is just some of the things that are constantly on my mind.  I do appreciate the comments that have been left, I like to hear what others think.  I don't necessarly want to enter into a debate over these things (I have learned that debates generally don't solve anything), but I am interested in any opinions you have or holes you guys see.  Thanks...

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