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Tuesday, October 28
Jack Shick

   Once again there were many things I wanted to post, but I had trouble finally deciding on what to post.  So instead I thought I should probably finish the topic I started days ago about the Christian Sub-Culture titled Piety and Persecution Part I.  I had every intention of finishing the post I had made, but once again I lost my ideas to the void of sleep.  Fortunately this particular gripe was once again brought to my attention by The Caped One, The Grammar Nazi, and a trip to
   Ahhh, Jack T. Chick ( the misspelling of his name in the title was intentional ).  Which is rather funny actually, considering the level of regard I hold for his work.  Though Mr. Chick may have had good intentions regarding the publication of his literature, he is a poster child for the kind of thinking that makes Christianity a laughing-stock religion to many people.
   First I did a little research on where Chick tracts came from and was shocked (but not wholly suprised) to find that his ideas came from communist Chineese propaganda.  I'm not making this up, he says so himself:

   Yes, it appears that Jack has stumbled on to the reality that brainwashing is good.  Therefore what could be better for Christianity then to litter the world with thousands of Christian propeganda tracts?  You see, the problem with propaganda is that it is just that, propaganda.  Propaganda relies on subtle techniques and not TRUTH to get a message to its viewers.  It is just like in commercials were Jimmy Studly is sad and in black and white until he buys so and so's product, and everything turns colorful and lively.  Propaganda and commercials are mind games, and the use of these to share beliefs disgusts me.  If something is true, then it has nothing to fear from truth.  Instead of trying to present the topics of Christianity in truthful words, Jack attempts to brainwash us in the same way communism ( and capatilism for that matter ) attempts to brainwash its own people.  As a result of this blatent violation of truth, Christianity turns out smelling more like a lie then truth.
   Jack's method of "proving" why something is wrong is to state a thesis without any proof, such as "Rock music is of the Devil", "Dungeons and Dragons is of the Devil", and "Catholicism has deep seated relationships with the Devil".  Jack likes to use the technique of inventing some bogus scheme involving some former member of some organization or some supposedly true story involving satan's miniacle "behind the scenes decieving."  I sighed and shook my head while reading Jack's tract about the "evil nature of Rock Music" when the members of a band were forced to sign Satan's contract in blood:

  It is also very clear from Jack's rendition of "Rock Music" that he himself hasn't heard very many rock songs:

   I wish that this form of thinking were limited to the strange world of Jack T. Chick, but unfortunately there are many who follow this line of thinking blindly.  It is a nice touch that Jack also follows up many of his statements ( statements already built upon an unproven theory or belief ) with Bible verses taken completely out of context.  For instance when a pastor tells his congregation to burn their "vile rock music", he puts in a verse talking about how people once burned items associated with sorcery.  This verse does not command the burning of music, and can only even remotely apply if Jack's initial theory is valid.  The moral of the story is to always be wary of people trying to use faulty arguments to push ideas ( even if those ideas seem harmless ).  Yes, it appears that Jack also approves of the communist use of fire to purge things such as vile music or literature.
   One thing that I can respect Jack for (only one) is the fact that he has so much passion for what he does.  Even if it is encouraging the spread of blatent propaganda.  He has a courage and passion for what he does, and at least in his eyes believes it is right.  While I am entitled to disagree with him, it is his choice to do what he believes to be right.  In a way I almost envy his ability to so valiently put time and effort into something he believes in.  All joking aside, there is no greater feeling then being engaged in something you truly believe in.
   No doubt that if Jack happens to come to this site he will write a Chick tract about me and my mischevious dealings with the Devil ( it would be awesome if he would ).  However, I am done with my rant on the Christian Sub-Culture for now, but still have much ridiculing of the Chick tracts to carry out.  I apoligize for the multiple pictures on the page, but I sometimes get excited like that.

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