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Sunday, September 14
Dark Humor

   You ever have an itch that only the barrel of a gun can seem to scratch?  Unfortunately the only thing I have on campus even remotely resembling a gun is a bottle of cologne shaped like an old musket, and there is no way I am sticking that thing in my mouth.  I guess these things happen after watching three episodes of a series of Dead Like Me at 3:00 in the morning.  If you have never heard of the series, it is really worth exploring.  Unfortunately you can only see it on Showtime which means I have to download the episodes to watch them <sad violin music>.  Since I don’t even pretend to be a TV critic I will leave you to find out about it yourself or follow the link to the website I so nicely put up for all you lazy people.

   So I guess I am kind of posting things in reverse chronological order, but hey it’s late, early, or whatever.  Tonight I discovered that boredom is far more dangerous than it gets credit for; combine it with idiocy and you are sure to get something interesting.  Like my discovery that blowing into an empty two liter of Mt. Dew until your jaw feels like it has popped off and your right lung ruptured, is not a good idea.  Like I said boredom and idiocy is….. DANGEROUS.  So I ended up spend the next half hour wandering Wal-Mart half stoned and short of breath.  Somehow I managed to end up in the candle aisle when I started to hear strange groaning sounds.  They freaked me out at first until I realized that it was coming from the Halloween aisle and just how stoned I had become.  When Jonathan and Randy finally found me again, yes I had wandered off in search of batteries and ended up in the candle section, we spent the remaining time sniffing scented candles.  Needless to say I have a very large headache now.

   Moving even further backwards in time, my roommate finally stumbled in yesterday at around 4:30 AM.  I had fallen asleep a half hour earlier watching the 6th episode of Alias (God bless the weekend).  To my total lack of surprise he had been convinced into playing Dungeons and Dragons around midnight.  This means that I spent a good amount of time mocking him after he finally woke up at around 1:30 PM.  Brandon and I finally decided to stop the mocking and throwing of various objects when death threats started being passed around liberally.  Not that I’m not used to this sort of thing, after all I get to find out how many places a penny can be shoved and still manage to cause death.  Looking over this entry I find the same truth staring at me that I always seem to find on weekends….. LONGVIEW IS BORING.  The only way I have found so far to cope with this is complete apathy, so I really no longer care.  So there… Good night…. I guess. 

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