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Tuesday, September 16
Lemon Scented Misery


   I did a lot of thinking about lemons today.  Maybe it was some philosophical breakthrough holding on for dear life at the rough corners of my mind or maybe it was the fact that I was sprayed in the face with lemon-scented metal polish by He Who Shall Remain Nameless.  So now  I was stuck with that horrible lemony smell.  You know that lemony skanky smell which is oftentimes used by bowling alley hags as cheap perfume.  So with my nostrils stinging I began to ponder, the lemon:

   The lemon is, according to Webster’s, “An oval or roundish fruit resembling the orange, and containing a pulp usually intensely acid.  Doesn’t that definition just make your mouth water?  As an informal definition it states: one that is unsatisfactory or defective, such as “Their new car turned out to be a lemon.”  Those who are cooks know that lemons have many other purposes such as tenderizing and adding flavor to meat.  Many other people prefer to have a tiny slice of lemon with their water, to give their water more of a flavor.  This I have found true of life as well.

   A lemon is a fruit that though not usually eaten plain (don’t worry I am an exception as well), is used quite frequently to accent ordinary food.  Maybe bad experiences are similar to lemons in that they add flavor to our otherwise bland day.  While nobody likes to go through something like failing a test (last Friday) or being sprayed in the face by a maniac, these experiences add a much needed twist.  Not to mention something to write an entire blog about.  I’m not saying we should all be lemon craving masochists, but knowing that bad experiences could just be flavoring for our day may help lesson their acidic burning pain.  So to sour a poor illustration even more I will recall this tacky quote: “When life throws you a lemon, make lemonade.” (Yes it is very painful, I will stop now).

   So in the mean time maybe I will go find some cheap cigarettes and hang out down at Oil Bowl until this awful fragrance wears off.  If I can offer one last quip; do not try the lemonade in saga; that is way to much sugar for a human being.  So until next time I will be huddled in a corner wearing my tinfoil hat and enjoying my lemon scented misery.

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