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Tuesday, February 3
When Nerds Attack

   So when you're sitting at the dinner table with a bunch of CS majors (aka nerds, geeks and spazzes) and the show Star Trek is brought up, never make the following comment:  "Ahh. Star Trek, thats the show with the little green guy right?"
   What followed was a frightening experience full of stares, threats and geek stink breath.  Apparently, I had disturbed their natural order, perhaps insulted one of their major deities.  Whatever I had done I knew I had to act fast or the situation would worsen.  I searched my memory  for lore regarding the underground civilization's culture.  I held up a fist and pronounced their ritualistic greeting, "woot", but this apparently was not enough to calm their rage.  Several of them stood to their feet and began to chant as somebody mentioned the name "Leonard Nimoy", who is apparently one of their societies leaders.
   As the nerds began to surround both me and Randy, he tried to calm talk sense into the mouth breathers.
   "Nimoy, he was the guy who was frozen in the liquid stuff."  My room-mate offered.
   This seemed to distract the group as they looked on in bewilderment.  In an attempt to regain my standing among the tribe I displayed my knowledge of the subject.
   "You mean liquid carbonite." I sayed smiling, despite the growing stench of geek breath.  Unfortunately, this was not the right remark to make.  Their confused stares turned to hideous glars of rage.  Fearing for our lives Randy and I had no choice but to flee the premises.  We looked backed only long enough to see one of the group begin to un-pop his knee brace and begin the pursuit.  We bolted for the one location we knew the group would refuse to follow, we went OUTSIDE.  Some of the more brave pursued us even there, but were quickly subdued by the bright glowing sphere in the sky.  We were safe from bodily harm, but our position in the tribe had been lost; perhaps for good.  So next time you find yourself among a siimilar group of people, just remember that there culture is completely different from yours.  What we may interperet as a friendly gesture, may be to them the worst of insults.

No Nerds were harmed in the making of this blog post.... Physically at least.
The preceding does not necesarily represent the views of nerds everywhere, but comes pretty close.  Yes I have an e-mail address, it is so send all your hate mail there.

Check the Grammar Nazi's blog for more details concerning the incident.

Posted at 05:54 pm by Codepainter

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