BooToHed » Time for some fuzzy logic gates!
Codepaint » BTW, thanks to all those who visited while I was away, I'll try to get out and puruse the neighborhood shortly
Codepaint » Ok, I'm back for a spell. I'll actually be slowly migrating this site to a new server, but that will take some time.
Jaime » BTW, was my old account
Jaime » Errr, why did it show up twice?
Jaime » Hey Mr. Code! Long time no chat...haven't spoken to you since my last blog on here since 2-04! Just checkin' in, hope you're doing well.
Jaime » Hey Mr. Code! Long time no chat...haven't spoken to you since my last blog on here since 2-04! Just checkin' in, hope you're doing well.
Jester » Nice Pic's
Paul » You know, you can hardly hate me. You got to go boating, I just ran around the seashore like a ninny catching crabs.
Codepainter » If you check the reviews on the above album, I left a little review of my own
Jp » Hey mark i was wasting time at work and found this I hope you share it with the ones you love
kiM » hello
Magic »
Mandy » when you get the chance. I've updated mine as well!
Mandy » before that you had a picture of Curious George on the other side of the page. Long time, eh? Well, I'm back around and I hope to keep up with your page (and mine!!) much more often. Come visit mine
Mandy » Wow! So he has a face! I took some time off from my site. A LONG time off that I don't think I meant to take. It happens though. *shrug* The last time I saw your site, you had a cabin at the top and
Codepainter » My internet is back up, but I need to get some random work done before I can start posting again.
Codepainter » I left a message on your phone, I'll be in town the week of May 15th
BooToHed » Hey CP, are you coming home after graduation? call me!
Codepainter » Happy to hear it, I'll check it out.
Megiddo » Hey Codepainter! What's up? I finally got around to continuing my blog.
Codepainter » I liked it. Note by "like," I don't mean "agree with." Nevertheless, good read. Review coming soon.
Eliot » Say, what do you think of God's Debris? I printed it out a few months ago to read, but never did get to it. Maybe I should find it and actually read it tonight.
Eliot » So no trip to Dallas during your spring break?
Jp » Hey i got into the wrong kind of chemistry
Codepainter » Sorry about the broken link Randy, I put that up about 5 minutes before leaving.
Codepainter » I started a post, but it got late. I'll finish tomorrow after a couple winks.
Codepainter » I'm headed to College Station this weekend! Hopefully my van will make it...
Codepainter » Jp, sorry that I've been hard to get ahold of. E-mail is always a sure way and may work better for the time being.
Jp » what is this? an update! i'm gonna steal the dante quote and call it my own
Jp » so when are you headed back to TX? might be nice to let some people know
Jp » hehe your van may not be so safe
Codepainter » I am safe and sound in Utah. Many thanks to those who helped me get here.
JoJo » Hey man when is your flight back to utah?
Codepainter » I sent the itenerary, should be 10:08 PM on saturday; flight A320.
BooToHed » Hey, I forgot when you are going to be in utah...
Mr. Wizard » I never really expected to be in Iowa either
Codepainter » I noticed the links blended in with the text a bit too well; this should fix it.
Codepainter » I don't think I have either atm, but I'm working on getting RSS set up
Eliot » hey man, do you have an RSS or Atom feed?
Codepainter » Thanks, I can't wait to chill with you again. It's been an interesting sort of year.
BooToHed » Hey man, good to see your site updated, I've checked weekly for about a year since the last time you posted!!! See you around Christmas.
Codepainter » Comments back up, thank you HaloScan!
Codepainter » Comments are temporarily down while I search for a new host.